New to Pilates?

Get started today with our special “Try It” package. This package will get you started with 3 private one-on-one sessions at a reduced rate so you may become familiar with the reformer, the fundamentals of Pilates and build a solid foundation for your workouts. Special attention will be given to the pilates principles, the breath and how to incorporate these concepts into your movement so you will receive the maximum benefit to each exercise. This package is recommended to all beginner clients before attending a reformer class.

3 Introductory Private Sessions: $99

Private Sessions

One on one Private Sessions are customized based on individual needs and goals, incorporating Reformer, Chair and Spine Corrector exercises. Private sessions are ideal because they allow you to meet and achieve your optimal performance and personalized goals. The focus is on incorporating pilates principles into a workout to challenge strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

Duet Sessions:

Duet sessions are customized based on an individuals postural assessment and personal goals, incorporating Reformer, Chair and Spine Corrector exercises. Duet sessions are ideal for partners with similar goals, looking to progress together and share the benefits of a private session at a reduced rate per individual.

Private Sessions

  • Single $75
  • 5 Pack $350 (70ea)
  • 10 Pack $650 (65ea)
  • 20 Pack $1,200 (60ea)

Duet Sessions

  • Single $55
  • 5 Pack $250 pp (50ea)
  • 10 Pack $450 (45ea)
  • 20 Pack $800 (40ea)