Our Instructors

Owner Stacey Heiny is a Certified Comprehensive Pilates Instructor through Body Arts and Science International, Certified Barre Instructor, and studied Physical Education with a focus on Fitness Studies from Indiana University. Stacey has been practicing Pilates since 2005 and she has been teaching Pilates since 2008 – both on the mat and with the numerous pieces of Pilates apparatus. Stacey’s goal is to help people become more comfortable in their physical existence through movement and by emphasizing the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Stacey’s teaching style is individualized from person to person, but she realizes that everyone can benefit from a challenge which helps them move forward and progress. She enjoys assisting people both on an individual basis and in group settings by helping them reach their short and long term goals. She loves teaching Pilates because it helps people strengthen their bodies by moving through untraditional ranges of motion while also improving posture and flexibility needed for activities of daily living. Stacey looks forward to a future that will continue to improve the lives of the people she teaches, one movement at a time!



I have been practicing pilates for over 10 years. 6 years ago I started with the Reformer to get in shape for my wedding and got hooked! I have always been very passionate about fitness and nutrition. I love Pilates because it strengthens your body and your mind. It has made me more aware and in control of my health and happiness!

Holly Jason started doing Pilates in 2000 when it was introduced at her gym and she loved the way it made her feel afterwards as well as the way it transformed her body into having longer, leaner muscles. It wasn’t long before she realized this is what she wanted to do “when she grew up” and that she wanted to pursue certification in order to understand Joseph Pilates more and why he designed the system of exercises the way that he did. She received her comprehensive certification (all apparatus & all levels) from The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO in 2006 and worked full time in a studio in Birmingham, AL until her son was born in 2011.
She knows that the beauty of the work is that it can help rehab those who have injuries or chronic pain, but also be very challenging to those who are already strong. It is also an exercise you can do throughout your lifetime and work against the natural challenges of age – strength, balance and flexibility. Holly and her family moved to the Indianapolis area in November of 2014 and she looks forward to seeing you in class!

Bri is a Physician Assistant specializing in knee and hip replacement surgery and also has a Master’s degree in Medical Science. Bri is a certified BarreAmped instructor. She first began taking both Pilates and BarreAmped classes in 2013 and it was the dedication and excitement shown to her by her instructors that motivated her to become certified to teach. Her goal is to bring a high energy workout to clients of all different fitness levels to increase strength and flexibility. Her knowledge of the body’s anatomy and athletic movement help clients to safely challenge their body, meet those challenges, and gain a sense of pride and accomplishment as they become both physically and mentally stronger.

Emily Pierle is working to earn her teacher certification through BASI Pilates. She has been practicing Pilates for several years and knows that it is much more than exercise. It is a powerful program that offers the opportunity to find physical and mental balance through movement. Having experienced the power of Pilates as a client, Emily wants to share these benefits with others as an instructor.

In searching for a fitness method that she truly enjoyed, and with her childhood love for gymnastics and dance, the concept of the BarreAmped method made perfect sense to Jenny. A mother of two, she was delighted at the results she saw through BarreAmped, and fueled by a desire to share the method with her community, Jenny became a Certified BarreAmped Instructor in January 2015. She admires the method’s focus on proper form, working in a safe, neutral spine position, and that the client is able to work at their own level to get the most out of each exercise, while building strength and flexibility over time. Jenny looks forward to lending her hand in your health and wellness journey!

After working in the environmental consulting field for a number of years and starting a family, Nancy opted to stay home with their 4 young children. During this time, she was actively involved in volunteer work at the kids’ schools, as well as an inter-cultural outreach program at her church which promotes tolerance among various faiths. Always passionate about fitness and balance in her life, Nancy chose to pursue teaching Pilates as a second career and is comprehensively trained and certified through Balanced Body.

Shawn was first introduced to Pilates in 2009 when she was diagnosed with bilateral Adhesive Capsulitis and after undergoing 3 shoulder surgeries. The Pilates mat work was used as a conditioning tool to gain strength and movement in her shoulders. Discovering the physical and mental benefits of practicing Pilates, she decided to get her teaching certification so that she could help others discover the many benefits of a consistent Pilates practice. Shawn received her Mat Pilates certification through the Physical Mind Institute and looks forward to continuing her education in Pilates. Shawn is continuously inspired by how Pilates strengthens and reforms the body and calms the mind after a hard day. She pushes her clients to challenge themselves to obtain their goals, but also encourages them to have fun, and to enjoy Pilates.

Cindy Frank’s passion is helping her clients transform their bodies as they progress through the different stages of their life. She is a challenging and energetic instructor who prides herself in helping them reach their individual potential and believes that fitness, nutrition and consistency are essential to achieving optimal results. Fitness has been an integral part of Cindy’s life for over 30 years. She maintains a high fitness level through a consistent and structured cross-training program of Pilates, weight-training, and cycling. Cindy has personally experienced the benefits of Pilates conditioning and core strengthening that includes longer and stronger muscles, greater core support, balanced muscle development, and increased range of motion. Cindy has completed her training in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair and Barrels through Balanced Body.

My name is Megan Charles and I’m excited to be teaching Bootybarre at Inner you! I’ve always been an exercise enthusiast, and that is why I began teaching exercise classes in 2009.
I first became certified as a Les Mills instructor and taught Bodypump, a weight training class, for seven years in Virginia and North Carolina.
I absolutely love all aspects of teaching group exercise and taking group exercise classes. Once I had my first child, I quit my full time job and decided to get certified as a Fitmom instructor for Stroller Strides, which is a mommy and me workout class. I taught Stroller Strides for two years in Charlotte before we moved back to Indiana. Once we moved back to Indiana, I became a client at Inner you and I fell in love with Barre! I missed the teaching part of group exercise, so I decided to get certified in BootyBarre.
I can’t wait to get back into teaching group fitness, it’s so rewarding watching people take control of their health and personal strength.